Our Services

We provide an all-inclusive financial planning approach that encompasses estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, as well as investment strategies and their implementation.

Estate Planning

Whether it is to build, to validate, or to pass it on, our priority is to provide you with a made-to-measure strategy. Our wealth of experience allows you to maximize your return as well as ensure your security and be tax efficient. We draw from a range of products that allow us an opportunity to provide well suited solutions to each of our clients in reaching their financial goals.

Portfolio Management

Our approach regarding portfolio management allows you to benefit from a personalized strategy made to measure that takes into consideration your desired rate of return and of degree of risk.

Although we are independent advisors, we are affiliated and partners with SFL Investments who provide us access to a wide selection of products, thus allowing us to offer a range of solutions from preservation of capital, to aggressive growth all in a tax efficient manner.

Insurance Brokerage

Insurance products go well beyond simply protecting you against the unexpected. They are at the heart of a sound global financial plan. We offer you simple tools to help us identify your investor profile as well as a variety of management options that are flexible and efficient when it comes to systematic deposits, withdrawals, and guaranties in the event of your passing.